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Our Vision

To see families and communities in rural Malawi thrive.


Pamoza Means “Together”

Pamoza is a Christian non-profit organization working in Malawi, Africa. Our mission is to share the Gospel and alleviate poverty and suffering through educational improvements, healthcare, economic empowerment, and food security.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go pamoza!African Proverbmap of Africa showing the location of Malawi in the southeast

Our Initiatives

Christian Outreach

Ministering to people where they are, whether in group fellowship, in their homes, or in the community.

Health Care

Preventing disease when we can, and treating it when we cannot, with our community nurse, health educators, and village clinics.


Equipping youth in rural Malawi for leadership and economic self-sufficiency.

Agriculture and Food Security

Helping families increase their harvest, improve nutrition, and attain food security.

Economic Empowerment

Supporting individual entrepreneurs and encouraging community business ventures that help neighbors achieve success together.


Double The Blessings Challenge

Our Double-the-Blessings Challenge is an opportunity for your gift to bear great fruit. Donate by December 31 to have your gift doubled.



Journey With Us in Malawi

See where we work, hear directly from our staff, get a tour of our communities, and see the impact of your support. COVID prevents us from taking you to Malawi, so we are bringing Malawi to you.


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