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Urgent Need At Our Clinic

Patients waiting to be seen at our clinic

Imagine being sick and walking 13 miles to receive health care, only to discover there are 300 people in line ahead of you and the chances of you being seen are slim to none.

This is what some patients at our clinic in Zowe are currently facing. Our new clinician, George, is seeing an average of 260 patients a day! Just recently he had to turn away 100 patients after having seen 300. And some patients arrived as early as 3 AM to ensure a spot.

Wezzie, pregnant and desperate for medicine, walked 15 miles to our clinic.

It’s a heartbreaking situation for patients like Wezzie, whose six-month pregnancy did not deter her from a grueling 30-mile round-trip walk to our clinic. Malaria is the leading cause of death and hospitalization in Malawi, and since the hospital closer to her home lacked essential medication, she had no choice but to complete the arduous journey.

We have seen more than 2,000 cases of malaria in a 3-month period. There are medicine shortages everywhere. But we source our medicine with funding from donors like you and don’t rely on government supplies, so until now we’ve been able to keep our medicine stocks full. However, with this new surge of patients, we’re in danger of running out.

Pamoza urgently needs your financial support to help patients like Wezzie. Please help us raise $20,000 by June 30th to:

  • Equip our clinic with vital malaria testing kits and other medication.
  • Pay for temporary healthcare workers to assist George.

Thank you for helping our patients in Zowe!


Posted 4/26/2024
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