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Happy Easter! Did you walk 7 miles to church?

It’s Easter Sunday! Time to put on your best outfit and head to church. It doesn’t matter where you live, Christians worldwide celebrate this special day of Jesus’ resurrection.

In rural Malawi, Christians put on their Sunday best and head to church on Easter, but their church is not around the corner and they don’t have a car. Some walk as far as 7 miles to celebrate together. And some come even the night before to sleep at the church and wake up celebrating Easter with singing and dancing, telling others, “He Has Risen! He Has Risen Indeed!

On Saturday, May 6, 2023 at 8:30 am, Pamoza will host our annual 5K event, Miles for Malawi. Come and participate at Smedley Park in Springfield, PA. Enjoy Malawian culture after the race and learn how to balance a basket on your head, drum a Malawian beat, make a homemade soccer ball, and taste Malawian food. It will be a fun and family-friendly event.

Can’t attend in person? You can participate virtually at a place and time of your choosing or you can donate to one of our 5K participants.

Sign up for Miles for Malawi   |  Donate to Miles for Malawi 5K

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Posted 4/9/2023